Wayne Ray Chavis to Release Christmas Album

Country music recording artist Wayne Ray Chavis is set to release a Christmas album, “XMAS TITHES,” Friday, for fans around the world.

Describing his music as “twisted outlaw, country and gospel,” “XMAS TITHES” will be Wayne Ray Chavis’ 4th album and available for download on most music streaming platforms.

“With my love for Jesus, but being brought up in the Church where I was oftentimes looked at as a heathen, and my love for country music, I am the product that my music reflects,” said Wayne Rick Chavis.

Wayne Rick Chavis credits his musical upbringing to both sides of his family. His father taught him to play and sing music by artists they both loved including Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, and Chet Atkins. These artists have been a major influence on his music today. He also played the guitar with his grandmother. Chavis says he grew up in the church playing both the guitar and drums. He says his father often accused him of playing the guitar a little too rough to be country – somehow, he’d turn those gospels, and country-western songs into a mixture of southern rock meets country-western.

Chavis went on to recording school and in addition to the guitar and drums, he also plays the bass guitar, saxophone, keyboards, autoharp, and harmonica. Although Chavis has played music and writing songs and poems since elementary school, his music career didn’t begin until later in life.

“My musical career started in 2015 after I had a bad auto accident that gave me a concussion and I was unable to work. While in recovery, my Mom was diagnosed with Progressive Supra Nuclea Palsy,” said Chavis. “Given the circumstances, I ventured out to writing songs hoping that some miracle would come along and someone famous would want to record it, but life is no fairy tale, and I was stuck trying to promote my songs just to try to get a few hits on the YouTube platform.”

Chavis said he ventured out and put his songs on streaming platforms to see how far he could take his music and now he is on most platforms on the web.

His other albums are “Christmas Tides,” “Death Row,” and the 2018 “Valley of Peace” which includes the single “I Wrote a Letter to Momma” where Chavis croons about sending a letter to his Mother addressed to the Valley of Peace “Cause I figure if Momma is in Heaven that’s just where her mansion might be.”

“I am not on the radio yet but with God’s grace and mercy and help, perhaps one day I will be,” said Chavis. “I have made many friends on the Internet that without music, it may not have been possible.”

Chavis uploads a monthly vlog to his Youtube channel and puts 100% of himself towards his music and videos. He does all of his own mixings and mastering edits as well. He plans to release his 5th album in 2020.

About Wayne Ray Chavis

Wayne Ray Chavis is an American country singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and recording artist who describes his music as “twisted outlaw, country and gospel.” He was born in Detroit Michigan, but relocated to the deep country of Union County, North Carolina, when he was 12 because his father wanted him to have a southern upbringing instead of the Detroit streets. Crossbred in every way, Chavis is half Irish and Tuscarora Native American. His 4 albums – “Christmas Tides,” “Death Row,” “Valley of Peace” and “XMAS TITHES” are available for streaming on most music streaming platforms.

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