The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

The holiday season has started and that means that people are trying to get in a festive mood. We decorate our house, make plans with friends and family, read Christmas novels, go ice-skating, watch holiday movies (How I wish we’d have the Hallmark Channel over here in the Netherlands!) and some people are even baking. One of the best ingredients to glue all of these activities together is of course music. Therefore we came up with an idea.

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Have you started listening to your Christmas favorites already? We haven’t, but wouldn’t it be super awesome to create the best holiday playlist ever all together? We could name it ‘The ultimate Christmas playlist’. We’re excited about this idea, but we kind of need your help to make it work. If you can tell me your absolute favorite Christmas tunes, we can make this huge playlistlist of great songs and we can all use this playlist to get us through the next couple of weeks.

What’s your favorite Christmas Tune?

We’re going to kick off with the first couple of songs and hopefully you guys will follow and tell us your favorites in the comments so we can add them to our playlist. So, how does that sound? Are you in?

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