Review: Robbie Williams – The Christmas Present

We are getting near the end of the year; this means all the Christmas songs are back on the radio. This also means that people will start releasing their Christmas songs. Last year everybody from Jessie J to William Shatner made a Christmas song or even a Christmas album. This year it’s Robbie Williams to release a Christmas album.

The Christmas Present

Robbie Williams released The Christmas Present earlier this week. And we have to say it kind of suits Robbie Williams. The album includes a mix of covers and original songs. The album shows Robbie Williams passion for swing music. You can hear him go all-in for his Let It Snow. The Christmas Present further includes some easy-listening classics.

Original Tracks

But the original tracks make The Christmas Present stand out above the other Christmas albums. The original songs make sure that Robbie Williams delivers some of the weirdest songs of his career. There is a duet with boxer Tyson Fury. A song that portraits a dysfunctional family. And let’s not forget Happy Birthday Jesus Christ. It’s clear that Robbie Williams isn’t looking for masterpieces, but for good festive anthems that will make you laugh.


The Christmas Present was a perfect outlet for Robbie Williams, but I think that there are also people that would be happy to find The Christmas Present under the Christmas tree.

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